Sentence Examples

  • Year after year the raids went on under a succession of leaders - Heriold, Roruk, Rolf, Godfrey - and far and wide there was pillaging, burning, murder and slavery.
  • In 873 Rolf seized Walcheren, and became the scourge of the surrounding districts.
  • Johan Nordahl Brun (1745-1816), a young writer who did better things later on, gave the finishing touch to the exotic absurdity by bringing out a wretched piece called Zarina, which was hailed by the press as the first original Danish tragedy, although Ewald's exquisite Rolf Krage, which truly merited that title, had appeared two years before.
  • The settlement of Danes under Rollo or Rolf on the lower Seine, i.e.
  • By the treaty of St Clair-sur-Epte (911) their leader Rolf (Rollo) obtained one of Charless daughters in marriage and the district of the Lower Seine which the Normans had long occupied, on condition that he and his men ceased their attacks and accepted Christianity.

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