Sentence Examples

  • Now PCs are the haven for games that require high graphical detail and complicated user interfaces - games like real-time strategy and role-playing games, where the player has to manage multiple units or complicated inventories.
  • Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion will have better graphics, more lifelike characters conversing in full speech (instead of all text dialog), real-time 24-hour cycles and will be the first role-playing game for the new Xbox 360.
  • Along similar lines, strategy and role-playing games can be longer versions where they take control of one character and follow through its life by making quasi-real choices and can affect one or many within the game.
  • As a big role-playing game player, I really enjoy it when I find a cool game I can continue to play without having to wait for the next installment, which sometimes takes a couple of years before being released!
  • "If, as in a scene in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, a child pretends to be a riverboat captain, there's a lot more to that role-playing than simply knowing what a captain does and some basic boat terminology.