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  • In some cases the rhizoids are united together into larger strands, the rhizines.
  • Cernuum and other forms with superficial green prothalli is attached to the prothallus by a small foot, and develops at first as a tuberous body (the protocorm) bearing rhizoids; this forms a number of simple leaves, and upon it the apex of the shoot arises later.
  • A, Prothallus viewed from the lower surface; ar, archegonia; an, antheridia; rh, rhizoids (much enlarged).
  • As in the case of epiphytic brown seaweeds, the rhizoids of the epiphyte often penetrate the substance of the supporting alga.
  • These aggregations or colonies, as they are termed, may attached to muddy surfaces by rhizoids; Caulerpa, on the other, assume the form of a plate, a ring, a solid sphere, a hollow sphere, presents a remarkable instance of the way in which much the same a perforate sphere, a closed net, or a simple or branched filament.

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