Sentence Examples

  • Rf. ?
  • To express this symbolically, let Wi, W2 be the weights of the bodies; P the effort exerted between them; S the distance through which it acts; R1, Rf the resistances opposed to the effort overcome by Wi, ~AT2 respectively; E1, Ef the shares of the whole energy E exerted upon Wi, W2 respectively.
  • The frequency equation is therefore (o2g/a)(if2g/b) ~ (12) The roots of this quadratic in rf are easily seen to be real and positive.
  • Find Rf the resultant of this pressure, the weight of the block aabb acting through its centre of gravity, and any C~
  • A condition equivalent to the above, and necessarily connected with it, is, that at each pair of points of contact the inclinations of the curves to their radii-vectores shall be equal and contrary; or, denoting by r1, rf the radii-vectores at any given pair of points of contact, and s the length of the equal arcs measured from a certain fixed pair of points of contact dri/ds= drm/ds; (18)

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