Sentence Examples

  • He preached republicanism to her by the hour, and even locked her up in her bedroom to reflect on his sermons.
  • The former being identical with the army, the church and the supporters of despotism, while the latter represent the desire for republicanism and local self-government.
  • Some hopes of employment which he had after the revolution of February were frustrated by the reputation of speculative republicanism which he had acquired.
  • The court party became the Loyalist party, standing for law as against rebellion, monarchy and the union of the empire as against republicanism; the popular party became the patriot party, determined to stand on its rights at any cost.
  • From 1824 to 1840 there is a complicated and not uninteresting movement of local politics and a preparation for the future, - the missions fall, republicanism grows, the sentiment of local patriotism becomes a political force, there is a succession of sectional controversies and personal struggles among provincial chiefs, an increase of foreign commerce, of foreign immigration and of foreign influence.