Sentence Examples

  • (I) Impo~ts iie repartition (apportionment), the amount to be raised being fixed in advance annually and then apportioned among the departments.
  • In September 1907 disorders in Apulia over the repartition of communal lands broke out anew~ and were particularly serious at Ruvo, Ban, Cerignola and Satriano del Colle.
  • These elect a head-man (starosta) and a collector of taxes, who was responsible, at least until the ukaz of October 3906, which abolished communal responsibility for the payment of taxes, for the repartition among individuals of the taxes imposed on the commune.
  • He published his Avis sur l'assiette et la repartition de la taille (1762-1770), and as president of the Societe d'agriculture de Limoges offered prizes for essays on the principles of taxation.
  • It was also a distributory tax (impot de repartition); every year the king in his council fixed the total sum which the taille was to produce in the following year; he drew up and signed the brevet de la taille (warrant), and the contribution of the individual taxpayer was arrived at in the last analysis by a series of subdivisions.

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