Sentence Examples

  • If the shaving head is new, try to remount it to the base.
  • In the early days of the Boer War (1899-1902) Stellenbosch was one of the British military bases, and was used as a "remount" camp; and in consequence of officers who had not distinguished themselves at the front being sent back to it, the expression "to be Stellenbosched" came into use; so much so, that in similar cases officers were spoken of as "` Stellenbosched" even if they were sent to some other place.
  • The remount depot is maintained; horses and mules thrive here.
  • The latter are bought at horse-fairs and private sales, unbroken, and sent to the 25 remount depots, whence, when fit for the service, they are sent to the various units, as a rule in the early summer.
  • Fort Reno, a U.S. military post, was established near El Reno in 1876, and in 1908 became a supply depot of the: quartermaster's department under the name of "Fort Reno Remount Depot."

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