Sentence Examples

  • The parish church, dating from the 13th century, possesses several richly decorated reliquaries of the 12th to 15th centuries.
  • The earlier monstrances followed the usual shape of these reliquaries, viz.
  • The monument, after repeatedly resisting the violence of curiosity, was broken into in 1810 by the French soldiery; the statue was mutilated, and the yellow hair was cut from the broken skeleton, to be preserved in reliquaries and blown away by the wind.
  • Sacred images were not the only specimens of glyptic art produced in these six centuries; reliquaries, bells, vases, incenseburners, candlesticks, lanterns, decorated arms and armour, and many other objects, showing no less mastery of design and execution, have reached us.
  • The treasure, preserved in the former chapter-house, is rich in reliquaries, vestments and other objects of medieval church.

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