Sentence Examples

  • Watchman attempts to debunk the cited quotes by New Age groups, and goes so far as to accuse New Age teachers of a plot to completely redefine and reinvent Christianity to "blur the distinction" between Christian and New Age teachings.
  • Reinvent your romance and rekindle the discovery of your relationship by doing sweet and spontaneous things for one another like love notes in lunch bags, no-strings-attached back rubs or a bottle of wine and take-out on a weeknight.
  • Not only has it been stamped with the celebrity seal of approval by the likes of supermodel Linda Evangelista and Hilary Duff, it's also earned itself major points for its ability to reinvent itself time and time again.
  • With so many tools and resources available to business owners and managers, it is certainly true that you don't have to reinvent the wheel every time you are faced with a new business challenge.
  • If you've purchased a cloth shower curtain and want to reinvent it, or if you want to use the curtain you already have, you can add lace trim for a completely new look at a nominal expense.