Sentence Examples

  • In their direction they are erect or reflexed (with their apices downwards), spreading outwards (divergent or patulous), or arched inwards (connivent).
  • The sepals are leafy and persistent; the corolla is generally divided into a longer or shorter tube and a limb which is spreading, as in primrose, or reflexed, as in Cyclamen; in Soldanella it is bell-shaped; in Lysimachia the tube is often very short, the petals appearing almost free; in Glaux the petals are absent.
  • Dens-canis, the Dog's Tooth Violet, is a pretty dwarf bulbous plant with spotted leaves, and rosy or white flowers produced in spring, and having reflexed petals.
  • Cardinalis, 2 to 3 ft., has scarlet flowers, with the limb segments reflexed; M.
  • Drummondii, 2 to 3 ft., with the ray-florets reflexed, yellow at the tip and purplishbrown towards the base; R.

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