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  • " a triangle is a three-sided rectilineal figure."
  • A triangle is a rectilineal figure; i.e.
  • Quadrilaterals, hexagons, &c., all of which are rectilineal figures, a triangle is "differentiated" as having three sides.
  • Since the area of a circle equals that of the rectilineal triangle whose base has the same length as the circumference and whose altitude equals the radius (Archimedes, KIKXou A ir, prop.i), it follows that, if a straight line could be drawn equal in length to the circumference, the required square could be found by an ordinary Euclidean construction; also, it is evident that, conversely, if a square equal in area to the circle could be obtained it would be possible to draw a straight line equal to the circumference.
  • Wood potentially a table; primary, as an indeterminate something which is a substratum capable of becoming natural substances, of which it is always one; and it is primarily the matter of earth, water, air, fire, the four simple bodies (airxa 6w,uara) with natural rectilineal motions in the terrestrial world (De Gen.

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