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  • Female salamandrids are provided with a receptaculum seminis.
  • Genital opening subterminal behind the last pair of legs; oviduct with receptaculum seminis, without receptaculum ovorum; unpaired part of vas deferens very short; accessory glands two, opening medianly and dorsally.
  • In all the species except the African species there is a globular receptaculum seminis opening by two short ducts close together into the oviduct, and in the neotropical species there is in addition a small receptaculum ovorum, with extremely thin walls, opening into the oviduct by a short duct just in front of the receptaculum seminis.
  • More constant points of difference are the form of the jaws, the position of the generative orifice, the presence of a receptaculum seminis and a receptaculum ovorum, the arrangement of the primary papillae on the distal end of the feet, and above all the early development.
  • The following species are aberrant in respect of these characters: Peripatus (Opisthopatus) cinctipes, Purcell (Cape Colony and Natal), presents a few Australasian features; there is a small receptaculum seminis on each oviduct, some of the legs are provided with welldeveloped coxal organs, the feet have one anterior, one posterior and one dorsal papilla, and the successive difference in the ages of the embryos in the uterus, though nothing like that found in the neotropical species, is slightly greater than that found in other investigated African species.

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