Sentence Examples

  • In the former, the duct, leading from the ovarian sac, and swelling along its course into the spherical sac, the "spermatheca," is highly suggestive of the oviduct and receptaculum of the Eudrilidae.
  • In all these cases the female duct bears a bursa copulatrix or receptaculum seminis.
  • The liquid of ascites sometimes contains chyle in abundance (hydrops lacteus), the escape having taken place from a ruptured receptaculum chyli.
  • Ov., ovaries; sh.g., shell gland; y.g., yolk gland; r.s., receptaculum seminis; ut., uterus; X 7.
  • Stevens the socalled oviduct acts only as a "sperm-duct" or receptaculum seminis.

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