Sentence Examples

  • The same Arctic flora reappears in deposits immediately above the highest Boulder Clay, deposits formed after the ice had passed away.
  • The next twelve years of his life are a blank, but in 169 he reappears as a trusted adviser of the Achaeans at a difficult crisis in the history of the League.
  • ConsonantsFinal I readily disappears after nor 1 (tan, t a n t U In; aman, venin, pantin, for amant, venint, &c.; mai, rn u I t u in; ocul, o.c u 1 t u m); the reappears in composition before a vowel (Jon, assimilation to past participles in it.
  • It is never preserved except when protected by the non-etymological I already spoken of (lie girt or llegt, but never liegsn); the r reappears, nevertheless, whenever the infinitive is followed by a pronoun (donarme, d-irho).
  • The period at which the phoenix reappears is very variously stated, some authors giving as much as 1461 or even 7006 years, but 500 years is the period usually named; and Tacitus tells us that the bird was said to have appeared first under Sesostris (Senwosri), then under Amasis (Ahmosi) under Ptolemy III., and once again in A.D.

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