Sentence Examples

  • He was the warmest opponent of the State in the Kulturkampf provoked by Prince Bismarck after the publication of the Vatican decrees, and was largely instrumental in compelling that statesman to retract the pledge he had rashly given, never to "go to Canossa."
  • Now, I say there is nothing more dangerous and disadvantageous to the buyer than land so left waste and out of heart; and therefore Cato counsels well to purchase land of one who has managed it well, and not rashly to despise and make light of the skill and knowledge of another."
  • Popular feeling at Venice ran so high that the state was rashly swept into war with the empire.
  • On the other hand, we must not rashly set down agreements as due to " homoplasy " or " convergence of development " if we find two or three or more concurrent agreements.
  • By him it was referred to a commission of five, who found Ramus guilty of having "acted rashly, arrogantly and impudently," and interdicted his lectures (1544).

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