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  • The alpine flora, beginning at 6000 ft., is specially characterized by its rhododendrons, pines (Araucaria and Libocedrus), and palms, by numerous superb species of Agapetes (Ericaceae), and on the summits by an extraordinary association of species characteristically European (Rubus, Ranunculus, Leontodon, Aspidium), Himalayan, New Zealandian (Veronica), Antarctic and South American (Drymus, Libocedrus).
  • 10, Ranunculus bulbosus; a' is the primary axis swollen at the base in a bulb-like manner b, and with roots proceeding from it.
  • - Plant of Ranunculus bulbosus, showing determinate inflorescence.
  • The calyx is marked c. also the case with the Ranunculus, the auricula and the carnation.
  • 52); or along with the corolla, as in Ranunculus, and is deciduous; or it remains after flowering (persistent) as in Labiatae, Scrophulariaceae, and Boraginaceae; or its base only is persistent, as in Datura Stramonium.

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