Sentence Examples

  • On being ransomed he went to Constantinople,where was held the court of his cousin,the emperor Manuel, with whom he was a great favourite.
  • He lost the two days' battle of Kossovo (October 17th-19th) owing to the treachery of Dan, hospodar of Wallachia, and of his old enemy Brankovic, who imprisoned him for a time in the dungeons of the fortress of Semendria; but he was ransomed by the Magyars, and, after composing his differences with his powerful and jealous enemies in Hungary, led a punitive expedition against the Servian prince, who was compelled to accept most humiliating terms of peace.
  • In the Toth century IIushiel, one of four prisoners, perhaps from Babylonia, though that is doubtful, was ransomed and settled at Kairawan, where he acquired great reputation as a Talmudist.
  • Shortly afterwards he was ransomed, and returned to Provence in 1250.
  • If ransomed, the victim became by Athenian law the slave of his redeemer till he paid in money or labour the price which had been given for him.

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