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  • The procession carrying the sacred ark and the bark of the god Amon belonging to the reign of Rameses II.
  • Towards the close of the 13th century the Egyptian king Merneptah (Mineptah) records a successful campaign in Palestine, and alludes to the defeat of Canaan, Ascalon, Gezer, Yenuam (in Lebanon) and (the people or tribe) Israel.3 Bodies of aliens from the Levantine coast had previously threatened Egypt and Syria, and at the beginning of the 12th century they formed a coalition on land and sea which taxed all the resources of Rameses III.
  • Also the late story of Rameses II.
  • The Achaeans, under the name Akaiusha, already appear among the piratical invaders of Egypt in the time of Rameses III.
  • During the reign of Rameses II.

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