Sentence Examples

  • (b) Claws and fangs are developed on the branches or rami of the parapodia, not on the end of the axis or corm.
  • In all cases the appendages primarily develop rami or branches which form the limbs, the primitive axis or corm being reduced and of insignificant size.
  • In the more primitive forms the appendage of every post-oral somite has a gnathobase and two rami; in higher specialized forms the gnathobases may be atrophied in every appendage, even in the first post-oral.
  • These have small and insignificant rami, or none at all, a feature in which the Arachnida differ from them.
  • The mandibular somite bears a pair of gnathobasic hemignaths without rami or palps, and is followed by two jaw-bearing somites (maxillary and labial).

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