Sentence Examples

  • Its roll of kings extends deep into pre-historic times, but the first rajah capable of indentification flourished about the year 76 A.D.
  • The rajah of Patala at the apex of the Indus delta abandoned his country and fled.
  • Its condition encouraged the Burmese to depose the rajah, and to make Assam a dependency of Ava.
  • In 1832 that portion of the province denominated Upper Assam was formed into an independent native state, and conferred upon Purandhar Singh, the ex-rajah of the country; but the administration of this chief proved unsatisfactory, and in 1838 his principality was reunited with the British dominions.
  • All might have fallen out as he anticipated, had it not been that the Nana Sahib, the adopted heir of the late peshwa, was rajah of Bithur in the neighbourhood.