Sentence Examples

  • A quaternion is best defined as a symbol of the type q = Za s e s = aoeo + ales = ale, + a3e3, where eo, ...
  • Thus every quaternion may be written in the form q = Sq+Vq, where either Sq or Vq may separately vanish; so that ordinary algebraic quantities (or scalars, as we shall call them) and pure vectors may each be regarded as special cases of quaternions.
  • The equations q'+x = q and y+q' = q are satisfied by the same quaternion, which is denoted by q - q'.
  • In the applications of the calculus the co-ordinates of a quaternion are usually assumed to be numerical; when they are complex, the quaternion is further distinguished by Hamilton as a biquaternion.
  • The outer and inner products of two extensive quantities A, B, are in many ways analogous to the quaternion symbols Vab and Sab respectively.

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