Sentence Examples

  • Two invariants, two quartics and a sextic. They are connected by the relation 212 = 2 i f?0 - D3 -3 jf 3.
  • The system of the quadratic and cubic, consisting of 15 forms, and that of two cubics, consisting of 26 forms, were obtained by Salmon and Clebsch; that of the cubic and quartic we owe to Sigmund Gundelfinger (Programm Stuttgart, 186 9, 1 -43); that of the quadratic and quintic to Winter (Programm Darmstadt, 1880); that of the quadratic and sextic to von Gall (Programm Lemgo, 3873); that of two quartics to Gordan (Math.
  • The forms of the non-singular quartics are very numerous, but it is not necessary to go further into the question.
  • He determines in every case the characteristics (µ, v) of the corresponding systems of cubics (4p), (3 p, il), &c. The same problems, or most of them, and also the elementary problems in regard to quartics are solved by Zeuthen, who in the elaborate memoir " Almindelige Egenskaber, &c.," Danish Academy, t.