Sentence Examples

  • LEMNISCATE (from Gr.
  • The name lemniscate is sometimes given to any crunodal quartic curve having only one real finite branch which is symmetric about the axis.
  • 2 and is sometimes termed the fishtail-lemniscate; if a be less than b, the curve resembles fig.
  • The same name is also given to the first positive pedal of any central conic. When the conic is a rectangular hyperbola, the curve is the lemniscate of Bernoulli previously described.
  • The elliptic lemniscate has for its equation (x 2 +31 2) 2 =a 2 x 2 +b 2 y 2 or r 2 = a 2 cos 2 9 +b 2 sin 20 (a> b).

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