Sentence Examples

  • He's good at puzzles and stuff.
  • But he brought his Bretwaldaship to a good end by inflicting a crushing defeat on them at Hingston Down, hard by the Tamar, probably in 836, and died ere the year was out, leaving the ever-growing problem to his son A~lthelwu1f The cause of the sudden outpouring of the Scandinavian deluge upon the lands of Christendom at this particular date is one of the puzzles of history.
  • (a) Of the idea we may say that whatever else it is, and apart from all puzzles as to ideas of relations such as smallness, of negative qualities such as injustice, or of human inventions such as beds, it is opposed to that of which it is the idea as its intelligible formula or law, the truth or validity - Herbart's word - of the phenomenon from the point of view of nexus or system.
  • And even then they are so difficult to understand, so much like puzzles, that they were probably accompanied from the first by a sort of comment in prose, stating when, and why, and by whom they were supposed to have been uttered.
  • This interesting people, whose origin is to this day the most baffling of ethnographical puzzles, originally d welt amidst the forests and marshes of the Upper Niemen.

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