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  • The promise of a son to Sarah made Abraham "laugh", a punning allusion to the name Isaac which appears again in other forms. Thus, it is Sarah herself who "laughs" at the idea, when Yahweh appears to Abraham at Mamre (xviii.
  • Even in Roman times it kept its own coinage with the punning device of the bent arm holding a palm branch, and the head of Aphrodite on the reverse, and continued the use of the Greek language.
  • In early life he was a weaver, hence the punning description of him as Weevir, rex philosophorum.
  • It is picturesquely situated on both banks of the Mur,, just where this river enters a broad and fertile valley, and the beauty of its position has given rise to the punning French description, La Ville des graces sur la riviere del' amour.
  • Billy, who, when he speedily found that his pupil was becoming his master, devoted himself to the study of higher mathematics in order to follow and appreciate him, and predicted his future fame by the punning quotation from Lafontaine': - "Petit Poisson deviendra grand Pourvu que Dieu lui prete vie."

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