Sentence Examples

  • In the Puma valley the soil is everywhere a rich black loam, and nearly the whole of the land is cultivated.
  • There are deer, called taruco (Cervus antisensis); the viscacha, a large rodent; a species of fox called atoc; and the puma (Felts concolor) and ucumari or black bear with a white muzzle, when driven by hunger, wander into the loftier regions.
  • Fauna.-Among wild animals the tiger or ounce-called in the Guarani language the ja-gud or "big dog"-and the puma are found on the frontier of Brazil and on the wooded islets and banks of the larger rivers.
  • North of the Ajanta hills the country is drained eastward by the Puma affluent of the Tapti and its tributaries.
  • Fauna and Flora.-Of wild animals the most characteristic are the black bear, puma, prairie wolf, timber wolf, fox, deer, antelope, squirrel, rabbit and prairie dog.

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