Sentence Examples

  • True viviparity, that is the development of the ova within the oviduct, is very rare, occurring only in one case among the Amphineura and in some aquatic and pulmonate Gastropoda.
  • Some are littoral, living between tide-marks; others are found at very various depths, up to 2800 fathoms. A few species have invaded the fresh waters, while the pulmonate and terrestrial Gastropods are distributed over the whole surface of the land in all latitudes and to a height of 15,000 ft.
  • - Oncidium tonganum, a littoral Pulmonate, found on the shores of the Indian and Pacific Oceans (Mauritius, Japan).
  • Actaeon, Limacina, and the marine Pulmonate, Amphibola.
  • This is the condition in the Bullomorpha, the Aplysiomorpha, and in one Pulmonate, Pythia.

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