Sentence Examples

  • The pelvic arch of some of the Stegocephalia contained a well ossified pubic element, whilst in all other batrachians only the ilium, or the ilium and the ischium are ossified.
  • The so-called pubic bones are large and movable.
  • Cavity of body Cavity of cervix elevation in front of the pubic bones caused by a mass of fibrofatty tissue; the skin over it is covered by hair in the adult.
  • The irritation is caused by the rostrum of the insect being inserted into the skin, from which the blood is rapidly pumped up. A third human louse, known as the crab-louse (Phthirius pubis) is found amongst the hairs on other parts of the body, particularly those of the pubic region, but probably never on the head.
  • - With pubic symphysis.

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