Sentence Examples

  • Chantre in 1894 picked up lustreless ware, like that of Hissarlik, in central Phrygia and at Pteria, and the English archaeological expeditions, sent subsequently into north-western Anatolia, have never failed to bring back ceramic specimens of Aegean appearance from the valleys of the Rhyndacus, Sangarius and Halys.
  • Pteria Larissa Dimini � Midas City M Nic sia.
  • Croesus found them centred at Pteria in the 6th century and dealt them a final blow.
  • The ruins are those of a ruling city of the oriental type which flourished in the pre-Greek period; and they are generally identified with Pteria, a place taken by Croesus after he had crossed the Halys (Herodotus i.
  • 5 The precise spot on which the city stood is marked by the great ruins of Boghaz Keui, probably the ancient Pteria, of which the wide circuit, powerful walls and wonderful rocksculptures make the site indisputably the most remarkable in Asia Minor.