Sentence Examples

  • This runs down the anterior and outer side of the upper arm, and is attached to the proximal tendon of the extensor metacarpi radialis longus, a little below the outer condyle of the humerus.
  • The femur often possesses a well visible pneumatic foramen on the median side of the proximal end of its shaft.
  • It appears to be primarily related to the organs of attachment and to have attained greater elaboration than the rest of the nervous system because the proximal end is the most specialized and most stimulated portion of the worm.
  • (iii.) In Umbonula of Cribrilina, showing the frontal membrane and parietal the entrance to the muscles of the young zooecium are like compensation - .sac on those of Membranipora, but they become the proximal side of the covered by the growth, from the proximal operculum (op).
  • Its proximal centrosome (its distal one vanishing as such).