Sentence Examples

  • According to Sars, the 1 In Huxley's terminology the first two or three joints of the stem constitute a "protopodite," from which spring the "endopodite" and "exopodite."
  • - Amid the great variety of forms assumed by the appendages of the Crustacea, it is possible to trace, more or less plainly, the modifications of a fundamental type consisting of a peduncle, the protopodite, bearing two branches, the endopodite and exopodite.
  • As a rule the protopodite is composed of two segments, though one may be reduced or suppressed and occasionally three may be present.
  • Very often the basal segment of the protopodite bears, on the outer side, a lamellar appendage (more rarely, two), the epipodite, which may function as a gill.
  • Protopodite, endopodite, exopodite, and epipodite were considered to be the morphological units of the crustacean limb.