Sentence Examples

  • The Radicals of Serbia being conservative in all but name, made a working alliance with the clericals of Zagreb and Ljubljana, and under the leadership of Protic favoured decentralization, combined with concessions to the expropriated landowners.
  • Protic was replaced by Davidovic, the Democrat leader, and though the Government remained a coalition, its weight was transferred farther to the Left.
  • But though he was thus able to carry the first reading of the new constitution by 227 to 93 votes, he was faced by the passive resistance of the great majority of Croats and Slovenes, who regarded with suspicion his " Great Serbian " and centralizing aims. It is significant that Protic, hitherto Pasic's most intimate associate, withdrew from the Radical party and from Parliament rather than sanction a constitution so inimical to provincial interests: while Trumbic, the foremost advocate of full national unity, recorded his vote against it.
  • No less an authority than the ex-premier Protic publicly challenged the constitutional validity of such action.
  • Protic, Nacrt Ustava (1920); J.

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