Sentence Examples

  • It will be seen that nearly all the colonies and protectorates lie within the tropics.
  • The colonial minister is assisted by a number of organizations of which the most important is the superior council of the colonies (created by decree in 1883), an advisory body which inclUdes the senators and deputies elected by the colonies, and delegates elected by the universal suffrage of all citizens in the colonies and protectorates which do not return members to parliament.
  • In the other colonies and protectorates more than half the trade is with foreign countries.
  • " The one common element in Protectorates is the prohibition of all foreign relations except those permitted by the protecting state.
  • The oversight of all the colonies and protectorates save Algeria and Tunisia is confided to a minister of the colonies (law of March 20, 1894)1 whose powers correspond to those exercised in France by the minister of the interior.