Sentence Examples

  • Prosthetic devices are not used to lengthen limbs that remain functional after amputation to remove osteosarcomas located on the upper arm.
  • Tools such as amputee dolls may be helpful in explaining how a prosthetic limb will be worn and to encourage positive body image.
  • Children who have had a valve replaced must take an anticoagulant medication, usually warfarin (Coumadin), in order to minimize the possibility of a clot forming on the prosthetic valve.
  • Turns out, viewers were very interested in Mills, but mainly because they were curious to see if her prosthetic leg would break free during a dance performance.
  • Medi-Cal may also cover some dental care, prosthetic and orthopedic devices, eyeglasses, hearing aids, medical equipment, ambulance services, and hospice care.