Sentence Examples

  • The tree is described by Prof. C. S.
  • Preece, who took up the subject about the same time as Prof. Trowbridge, obtained improved practical results by combining together methods of induction and conduction.
  • The modern doctrine of evolution or " evolving," as opposed to that of simple creation, has been defined by Prof. James Sully in the 9th edition of this encyclopaedia as a " natural history of the cosmos including organic beings, expressed in physical terms as a mechanical process."
  • This was true enough, but there is truth also in the remark of Prof. Sanday ("Eucharist" in Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible) that Providence even in its revolutions is conservative.
  • As St Dominic's character and work do not receive the same general recognition as do St Francis of Assisi's, it will be worth while to quote from the appreciation by Prof. Griitzmacher of Heidelberg: "It is certain that Dominic was a noble personality of genuine and true piety..