Sentence Examples

  • ACEPHALI (from a-, privative, and Kal)aXii, head), a term applied to several sects as having no head or leader; and in particular to a strict monophysite sect that separated itself, in the end of the 5th century, from the rule of the patriarch of Alexandria (Peter Mongus), and remained "without king or bishop" till they were reconciled by Mark I.
  • Aemete, from Teutonic a, privative, and maitan, cut or bite off, i.e.
  • Avw,uaXla, unevenness, derived from a y -, privative, and ouaXbs, even), a deviation from the common rule.
  • A-, privative, and ywvia, an angle), the term given to the imaginary lines on the earth's surface connecting points at which the magnetic needle points to the geographical north and south.
  • A-, privative, and KaTaXap43 u'av, to seize), a term used in Scepticism to denote incomprehensibility.

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