Sentence Examples

  • Her father said Guardians were her enemies, creatures who preyed on humans, and that she must use her powers to kill them.
  • The remarkable didunculus occurs in Samoa, and after the introduction of cats and rats, which preyed upon it, was compelled to change its habits, dwelling in trees instead of on the ground.
  • This proved that the great herbivorous dinosaur had been preyed upon by its smaller carnivorous contemporary.
  • It is preyed upon by the larger predaceous fishes of fresh waters, and owing to its silvery appearance is a favourite bait in pikefishing.
  • Dunkirk, as a nest of freebooters who preyed upon Dutch commerce, was made the objective of a daring offensive campaign in 1600 by the orders of the States-General under the influence of Oldenbarneveldt in the teeth of the opposi tion of the stadholders Maurice and William Louis .

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