Sentence Examples

  • Thus Jansen's theories of conversion melt into predestination; although, in doing so, they somewhat modify its grimness.
  • He had embraced the Motazilite doctrine about free will and predestination, and was in particular shocked at the opinion which had spread among the Moslem doctors that the Koran was the uncreated word of God.
  • Founded by a bishop of Ypres on the doctrine of predestination, Louis and growing by persecution, it had speedily recruited xiv.
  • He denied that foreknowledge or predestination as temporal relations could be properly predicated of God as eternal; he described sin and its consequences as negations, neither caused by nor known to God; he maintained that as evil is only a stage in the development of good, there will ultimately be a universal return to God.
  • While retained in the creeds of several denominations, in the public teaching of the churches the doctrine of predestination has lost its place and power.

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