Sentence Examples

  • Instead, cut them as you go, because your walls may not be even all the way around and you may find your precut tiles don't fit or are too small, leaving a large gap between the tile and the wall.
  • Once you have created your label, you can print the labels on your color printer or take one down to your local copy store and have it color-copied on sheets of paper or precut labels.
  • Quality paper and shape for origami: Some people enjoy dollar bill origami because money is printed on quality, sturdy paper that is precut and easy to fold.
  • To simplify the process, consider drawing the label on a sheet of precut labels that can then be copied on a color copier - no cutting or gluing required.
  • Once the ink is dry, kids simply tear the precut pattern out of the fabric sheet, stuff the pet with fiberfill and press it shut between two "shoes".