Sentence Examples

  • Historia trevirensis diplomatica et pragmatics (3 vols., Augsburg, 1750); Marx, Geschichte des Erzstifts Trier (5 vols., Trier, 1858-1864); Leonardy, Geschichte des trierischen Landes and Volkes (Saarlouis, 1871); Woerl, Fiihrer durch die Stadt Trier (8th ed., Leipzig, 1898).
  • In Catalonia " Pragmatics," letters from the prince, issued to restrain jurisdiction assumed by ecclesiastical judges contrary to the customs of the principality.
  • The central goal of pragmatics on this view is to explain what guides inferential processes.
  • In M. Paradis (Ed.), Pragmatics in neurogenic communication disorders (pp.
  • Pragmatics includes such things as speech act theory and conversational maxims, the politeness principle, face and politeness strategies and phatic tokens.

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