Sentence Examples

  • The cheek-teeth, which have crowns of moderate height, differ from those of all the foregoing in that the postero-internal pillar (the projection on the right-hand top corner of c in fig.
  • In the majority of Trilobites this groove passes backwards from the anterior or anterolateral edge of this plate to its posterior or postero-lateral border, dividing it into an inner portion continuous with the flabellum and fused tergal regions, and an outer portion bearing the eye.
  • Conifera; the star represents the ciliated cup connected by ciliated depressions with the groove; 5, disk of Conochilus, like the Bdelloid, but with mouth antero-dorsal, the gap postero-ventral; 6, disk of Stephanoceroscingulum broken up into setiferous lobes, groove a naked funnel, trochus a horseshoe-shaped ridge, mouth central.
  • The trochus forms the powerful currents for locomotion, and for the supply of food material, while the cingulum produces a local current round the upper rim of the corona to bring the food particles direct to the mouth, which is displaced through a postero-ventral gap in the trochus to lie behind the disk, just as occurs in the more specialized Ciliata.
  • 2, 5), a Melicertan, the mouth is displaced towards the antero-dorsal side and the gap is postero-ventral.

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