Sentence Examples

  • Transpiration is loss of water by the plant by evaporation, chiefly from the minute pores or stomata on the leaves.
  • There are no pores in the foot or elsewhere in Lamellibranchia by which water can pass into and out of the vascular system, as formerly asserted.
  • Ab, ac, ad, Three pit-like depressions in the median line of the foot supposed by some writers to be pores admitting water into the vascular system.
  • The series or the outer lamella of the outer oval holes on the back of the gill-plate and seen from the interlamella are the water-pores whicr lamellar surface.
  • It is through this passage, or indirectly through the pores of the gill-plates, that the water introduced into the lower subpallial space must pass on its way to the excurrent siphonal notch.

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