Sentence Examples

  • Then came family dissensions such as usually vex the polygamous courts of the East.
  • Herein he divided the class A y es into two subclasses, to which he applied the names of Insessores and Grallatores (hitherto used by their inventors Vigors and Illiger in a different sense), in the latter work relying chiefly for this division on characters which had not before been used by any systematist, namely that in the former group monogamy generally prevailed and the helpless nestlings were fed by their parents, while the latter group were mostly polygamous, and the chicks at birth were active and capable of feeding themselves.
  • He adds that the parents, which " are mostly polygamous," attend their young and direct them where to find their food (p. 63).
  • The herons, for instance, are much more Constrictipedes " than are the larks or the kingfishers, and, so far from the majority of " Inconstrictipedes " being polygamous, there is scarcely any evidence of polygamy obtaining as a habit among birds in a state of nature except in certain of the Gallinae and a very few others.
  • That all this wonderful "show" is the consequence of the polygamous habit of the ruff can scarcely be doubted.

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