Sentence Examples

  • I have a couple of polo shirts, but no light shirts.
  • 550) to explain the phenomena of the apparent movements of the sun by means of an earth modelled on the plan of the Jewish Tabernacle gave place ultimately to the wheel-maps - the T in an 0 - which reverted to the primitive ignorance of the times of Homer and Hecataeus.2 The journey of Marco Polo, the increasing trade to the East and the voyages of the Arabs in the Indian Ocean prepared the way for the reacceptance of Ptolemy's ideas when the sealed books of the Greek original were translated into Latin by Angelus in 1410.
  • See, for the history of Sokotra, Yule, Marco Polo (1903 ed.) .ii.
  • Marco Polo, speaking of Kenjanfu, as the city was then also called, says that it was a place "of great trade and industry.
  • See Yule, Marco Polo (1903 ed.); A.

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