Sentence Examples

  • Sure, there are some magical photos taken with a disposable 35mm or with a point-and-shoot digital, but those are more random luck than the product of a skilled photographer expertly manipulating the shots.
  • Since the advent of point-and-shoot cameras, photographers of all skill levels have tried their best to capture awe-inspiring images of brilliantly colored fireworks painting a pitch-black sky.
  • The device produces photos that are above average for a point-and-shoot camera of its size and it offers additional features that are not available on most digital cameras in its price range.
  • Point-and-shoot cameras have a single, fixed lens, which often has an optical and a digital zoom function that can be changed between wide angle and zoom settings with the touch of a button.
  • Designed for people who are interested in taking their photography a bit beyond the point-and-shoot level, yet still want a pocket-sized camera, the S90 is loaded with useful features.