Sentence Examples

  • This point-and-click adventure involves searching for items and figuring out how to interact with them.As with so many point-and-click games, you may find yourself confused at several junctions in The Bar.
  • Keeping these three criteria in mind, point-and-click games, puzzle games, and hidden objects games are perhaps the best to play when you're looking to overcome a mind-numbing episode of boredom.
  • Whether you're learning to code your own site using Adobe's software or you're using a point-and-click site, it's never been easier to make slick interactive web pages with this technology.
  • Diner Dash 2 is the sequel to the popular point-and-click game where you get to play as Flo, an executive turned waitress whose dream to have a successful restaurant chain became a reality.
  • The site also has a more challenging lesson, which is more reading material than a game (it has a few games in it), but it is a fun diversion from the easy point-and-click phonics games.