Sentence Examples

  • The localization of function in the cerebral and in the cerebellar cortex has doubtless been the main cause of this progress, and has proceeded poi passu with an extended insight into the structure and connexions of the parts concerned.
  • Development of theory has advanced poi passe with the demand for bridges of greater strength and span and of more complex design, and there is now little uncertainty in calculating the stresses in any of the types of structure now adopted.
  • 7rEpi 7roorraw: On poets (perhaps cited in Poetics, 15, 1 454 b Tols Ek6e50/2 Poi.S X670L3).
  • From the root of the kalo is made the national dish called poi; after having been baked and well beaten on a board with a stone pestle it is made into a paste with water and then allowed to ferment for a few days, when it is ready to be eaten.
  • One of the table delicacies of former days was a particular breed of dog which was fed exclusively on poi before it was killed, cooked and served.