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  • Below upwards and leaving the placentas with the seeds attached to the replum or framework of the septum.
  • 5), the perianth which is generally petaloid occupying the two outer whorls, followed by two whorls of stamens, with a superior ovary of three carpels in the centre of the flower; the ovary is generally three-chambered and contains an indefinite number of anatropous ovules on axile placentas (see fig.
  • It was the scene of two naval battles of the t Transverse section of the fruit of the melon (Cucumis melo), showing the placentas (p1), with the seeds attached to them.
  • The ovary is incompletely divided into many chambers by the ingrowth of the placentas which bear numerous ovules and form in the fruit a many-seeded short capsule opening by small valves below the upper edge.
  • The ovary of passionflowers is one-celled with three parietal placentas, and bears at the top three styles, each capped by a large button-like stigma.

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