Sentence Examples

  • SiK-rvov, a net, and the termination -rye pis, produced), a botanical name proposed by John Lindley for a class including certain families of Monocotyledons which have net-veined leaves.
  • But between 1900 and 1905 contracts were signed for the construction of three highways, leading respectively from Matagalpa, from Nueva Segovia and from the Pis Pis mining district to the head of steam navigation on the Segovia, about 160 m.
  • A11MisP. Pis M.
  • In A pis the workers differ structurally from the queen, who neither builds cells, gathers food, nor tends brood, and is therefore without the special organs adapted FIG.
  • (3) pis is he of whome it was seide be Isay prophete, sayand, " fie voice of pe cryand in fie desert, redye 3e Pe way of God, right made 3e die lityl wayes of him."

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