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  • Massachusetts: Located in Plymouth, Massachusetts, Pinewood Lodge Campground sits amid 200 acres of white pine forest and has more than 300 shaded campsites.
  • The famous pineto or pinewood of Ravenna, which already existed in Odoacer's time, and has been sung by poets since Dante, lies some 5 m.
  • Spent the greater part of his life; here Majorian was proclaimed; here the little Romulus donned his purple robe; here in the pinewood' outside the city his uncle Paulus received his decisive defeat from Odoacer.
  • Theodoric's siege of Ravenna lasted for three years (489-492), and was marked by one bloody encounter in the pinewood on the east of it.
  • The terms, arranged through the intervention of John, archbishop of Ravenna, were not observed by 1 The great pinewood to the east of the city, which is still one of the great glories of Ravenna, must therefore have been in existence already in the 5th century.

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